Crossing Cultures

Victory as a movement believes that each one of us has a part to play in world missions work. After all, we are called not only to make disciples in our nation, but around the world.

Each year, we’re also given an opportunity to be a blessing to the nations through our Every Nation Recommitment Campaign. Not all of us may be called to minister to different nations, but we can take part in what God is doing in the nations.

For all of us to have a deeper understanding of what reaching the nations is all about, join us this weekend as we start our brand new series, “Crossing Cultures.” We’ll know more about the challenges of crossing cultural barriers, and have a greater appreciation for what God is doing through missions efforts in different nations.

[accordions  active=1 event=”click” disabled=false autoheight=true] [accordion title=”Breaking Barriers – Pedrito Mandigma | November 13, 2011″] [mp3j track=”″ title=”Crossing Cultures – Week 2 – Breaking Barriers – Pedrito Mandigma” bold=”n”]

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[/accordion] [accordion title=”Beyond Borders – Alvin Joseph Supan | November 6, 2011″] [mp3j track=”″ title=”Crossing Cultures – Week 1 – Beyond Borders – Alvin Joseph Supan” bold=”n”]

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Victory Group Materials

[accordions  active=1 event=”click” disabled=false autoheight=true] [accordion title=”Week 1: Breaking Barriers“]
Week 1: Breaking Barriers
Week 1: Ibayong Hangganan


[accordion title=”Week 2: Beyond Borders“]
Week 2: Beyond Borders
Week 2: Pagbasag sa mga Hadlang