Just as a structural blueprint gives rise to a majestic structure, God has crafted a blueprint which gives us an idea of how we could live our lives to the full. Knowing what His blueprint holds aids us in developing a changed mindset and a positive impact to our relationships, our community, and our nation.
What’s more, God’s blueprint touches on essential topics such as biblical manhood, the ownership of it, and the responsibility and authority that comes with it.

Join us in the next couple of weeks and discover what this Blueprint says specifically about God’s intended design for biblical manhood!


[accordions  active=1 event=”click” disabled=false autoheight=true] [accordion title=”In the Lead – Alvin Joseph Supan | October 22, 2011″]
1. Blueprint - Week 3 - In the Lead - Alvin Joseph Supan     

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[/accordion] [accordion title=”In the Garden – Eugene Ramirez | October 16, 2011″]
2. Blueprint - Week 2 - In the Garden - Eugene Ramirez     

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[/accordion] [accordion title=”In God’s Image– James David Pedida | October 9, 2011″]
3. Blueprint - Week 1 - In God's Image - Jaydee Pedida     

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Victory Group Materials

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Week 1: In God’s Image
Week 1: Ayon sa Larawan ng Diyos


[accordion title=”Week 2: In the Garden“]
Week 2: In the Garden
Week 2: Sa Halamanan