Abraham’s School of Finance

We’re kicking off our newest series this weekend entitled, “Abraham’s School of Finance!” Join us as we study the life of Abraham and let us learn about God’s financial principles, and how each of us is called to be good stewards of His resources.



[accordions  active=1 event=”click” disabled=false autoheight=true] [accordion title=”Tithing and Generosity – Alvin Joseph Supan | November 27, 2011″] [mp3j track=”http://victorydavaomedia.org/2011AbrahamSF/Abrahams_School_of%20Finance_week_2_Tithing_and_Generosity_pm_service_Ptr.Alvin_Supan_Nov_27_2011.mp3″ title=”Abraham’s School of Finance – Week 2 – Tithing & Generosity – Alvin Joseph Supan” bold=”n”]

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[/accordion] [accordion title=”Covenant and Stewardship – Joseph Bonifacio | November 20, 2011″] [mp3j track=”http://victorydavaomedia.org/2011AbrahamSF/Abrahams_School_of%20Finance_week_1_Covenant_and%20Stewardship_pm_service_Ptr.Joseph_Bonifacio_Nov_20_2011.mp3″ title=”Abraham’s School of Finance – Week 1 – Covenant & Stewardship – Joseph Bonifacio” bold=”n”]

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Victory Group Materials

[accordions  active=1 event=”click” disabled=false autoheight=true] [accordion title=”Week 1: Covenant“]
Week 1: Covenant
Week 1: Kasunduan


[accordion title=”Week 2: Stewardship“]
Week 2: Stewardship
Week 2: Tagapangalaga


[accordion title=”Week 3: Tithing“]
Week 3: Tithing
Week 3: Pagbibigay ng Ikapu


[accordion title=”Week 4: Generosity“]
Week 4: Generosity
Week 4: Pagkamapagbigay