Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Ministry provides services for the key events in the church members’ lives. We also help them lead healthy, balanced lives, living a testimony of life to the fullest as God intended it to be.

Here are the services we render:


An event where parents declare their faith in front of their families and friends as they dedicate their children, committing to raise these children up in Godly principles, parenting them according to the word of God.

We believe that preparation is a key to success, whatever area that may be. In this event, engaged couples participate in order to prepare for their marriage. This helps them to build the foundations of marriage, helping them to grasp their differences, and handling issues in marriage, such as:
• Communication to one another
• Budgeting and Finances
• Roles and Responsibilities

We officiate weddings of church members. We also provide marriage preparation seminars and one-on-one pre-marital counseling for engaged couples.

In an event of the passing of a church member or their immediate relative, we extend comfort, and render funeral and burial services upon request.

We also offer special events such as Marriage Energizers for married couples, and Parenting Seminars, depending on the needs of the church.