About ENC

Who We AreWhat We Do

ENC is a nationwide campus organization that is passionate about preparing students for LIFE.

ENC achieves this by teaching and coaching students in the areas of Leadership, Integrity, Faith and Excellence; and empower them to live out their purpose, and pursue life-giving relationships with others and with Jesus.


We believe that every young person has the potential for leadership, and this leadership potential can be best developed when students learn how to serve others. ENC aims to raise up a generation of servant leaders.


We believe integrity is of prime importance in this world of shifting moral standards. ENC not only trains students to become leaders but to be men and women of character.


We believe that having faith in Jesus is important for the students’ overall development. ENC seeks to encourage students to pursue a dynamic relationship with Jesus and with others.


We believe that developing an attitude of excellence is a key for young people to be able to fully realize their enormous potential. ENC motivates students to be the best they can be and give the best they can give in all their endeavors.


ENC imparts knowledge and skills to the next generation to equip them with the essential tools they need for life. We do this through our LIFE seminars and LIFE classes, as well as by conducting retreats, freshmen orientation, and other specialized events to fit the students’ needs.

We do not just give information, we impart LIFE.


Everyone who becomes successful in life has a mentor! In ENC, those mentors are called LIFE Coaches. ENC provides trained students or young professionals who can come alongside students to help them achieve their full potential at a young age.

We do this through our LIFE groups, one-on-one LIFE Coaching and Youth Camps.


ENC never stops with head knowledge. Students who are equipped with tools for LIFE and helped by coaches who spur them on, naturally move on in life to make a difference in their world.

Empowering students involves mobilizing them to become LIFE coaches themselves and partnering with various social organizations to serve their respective communities.

ENC radically envisions developing a generation of youth who are nation builders and world changers