Victory Group

The growth of every member in Christ is the growth of the church.  The Christian life is laden with individual burdens and struggles. But we are not meant to face it on our own.

Victory Group is a place where meaningful relationships are developed as we talk about life, career, love and every little thing that will help us in our journey. Discipleship can take in many forms.

Over coffee or movie, over dinner outs or pizza nights, while walking or exercising, or even through social media, we gather to build each other up in faith, to be equipped in faithfulness and biblical instruction, to encourage and be encouraged and simply to enjoy life as we deal with it daily.

Victory groups provide an opportunity for love and acceptance and prove that discipleship is a relationship built with genuine care, sincerity and mutual understanding.

Here in Victory Davao, we leaders who are committed to engage, establish, equip and empower every member of the church and steering them to a more fruitful relationship with Christ. We meet in coffee shops, in schools, in various food establishments or in any available member’s houses on scheduled dates. The fellowship does not end there of course. A victory group is like a friendship circle and here, the bond truly lasts a lifetime.

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